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Skilled in delivering concise communication of complex scientific concepts.

Alexa Goodman will translate your project’s complex concepts into clear and compelling messages that are easily understood by your intended audience.

Services offered by Alexa Goodman Consulting

Need help planning an event, or designing and managing a research project? Looking for a moderator with unique expertise and engagement style? Trying to communicate scientific results or project outputs in diverse and engaging ways? Alexa Goodman Consulting offers a simple and flexible pricing scheme that includes a sliding scale and adjustments for NGOs and need-based clients. 

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Research Projects

Ideas are worth exploring, and we help with small to mid-scale research activities

  • Survey and project design
  • Literature reviews
  • Data analysis
  • Article writing and reviews
  • Curating information for dissemination in non-traditional ways (i.e. reports, briefing notes, one-page synopsis, press release, etc.)

Science Communication Materials

Infographic design, document preparation, social media graphics, worksheet & newsletter design, presentations & more.

  • Clear communication strategy plans
  • Infographic designs to share project results
  • Flyer and poster creation
  • Document design preparation, including cover pages and stylization
  • Social media graphics for all platforms and needs
  • Worksheet templates
  • Newsletter design
  • Presentations and more!

Communication and design packages for projects with multiple output needs are also offered.

Event Design, Coordination & Facilitation

Lecture Design, Workshops, Conferences, Events, and Panel Discussions, for all age groups

  • Scientific lectures, panel discussions and keynote address
  • Workshops focused on various aspects of science communication environmental education; equity, diversity, inclusion, and acessibility training
  • Conferences and events, both virtual, hybrid and in person

Process Cycle

Initial consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with Alexa Goodman here. During this consultation, discuss your specific needs, goals, and challenges. This conversation will help Alexa understand your requirements and determine how her consulting services can best assist you.


Project Proposal & Kick-off Meeting

Based on the initial consultation, Alexa will create a detailed project proposal outlining the scope of work, objectives, deliverables, timeline, and cost estimates. We will schedule a follow-up meeting to review the proposal, ask questions, and clarify if necessary before moving forward.


Needs Assessment & Planning

With a clear understanding of your requirements and goals, Alexa will develop a customized strategy to address the identified challenges. In collaboration with the consultant, the team will plan out the project in detail, with milestones, resource allocation, and define success. In addition, define roles and responsibilities for both your team and the consulting team. Depending on the scope of work, Alexa may conduct an in-depth needs assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your business, project, or challenge. A comprehensive report and supporting materials will coincide based on the clients needs.


Implementation and Execution

You and your team will work closely with Alexa to implement the recommended approach once the strategy is finalized and approved. This may look like delivering research projects, training/workshop development, creating science communication materials, conducting outreach, and providing support as required. Throughout the implementation process, Alexa will also monitor the progress, address any issues that arise, and adjust as necessary. We will meet as agreed in the kickoff meeting to monitor progress and address any emerging issues. This will ensure smooth project implementation by providing resources and support.


Performance Evaluation and Optimization

After the implementation phase, Alexa will assess the project’s progress against the set objectives. This evaluation will involve providing feedback to the consulting team on their work, effectiveness, and areas for improvement. This phase may also include analyzing relevant data, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and assessing the overall impact of the consulting services. Based on this evaluation, adjustments, and optimizations will be made to ensure the project stays on track.


Project Wrap Up with Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Alexa Goodman Consulting believes in providing ongoing support to ensure project and business success. Once the project is completed, the team will conduct a final meeting to review the results and outcomes achieved. They will discuss the project’s success and lessons learned. After the initial consulting engagement, Alexa will remain available for consultations, reviews, and support as needed. This ongoing support will help you sustain the improvements achieved and address any emerging challenges or opportunities that may arise.


Founder & Principal Environmental Consultant

Meet Alexa Goodman

Alexa is a marine manager passionate about doing good for our planet and its people by shifting awareness into action, using curiosity, compassion, and strong project management to lead the way.

About Alexa




Base rate is $110/hour where consulting services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

The initial consultation rate is free

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Special Rate

15% Off

Based on the size and budget of your organization, the pricing can be adjusted to ensure affordability.

Smaller NGOs, businesses, and startups who have limited resources may qualify for lower rates with fewer project add-ons with a special discounted rate of 15% off.

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If your organization is facing financial constraints or special circumstances, we offer need-based pricing.

Pricing adjustments can be made to accommodate your specific situation while ensuring access to our basic services, with fewer add-ons.

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