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Media appearances, publications, & awards


Mobius Award of Environmental Excellence, Divert Nova Scotia (November 2021)

Top 25 Environmentalist Under 25, Starfish Canada (April 2020)

Agent of Change 8.0,Chronicle Herald (October 2020)

Master Composter Recycler (May 2019)

Dalhousie Impact Award Nomination (2018-2019)

Public Speaking

Moderated the Nova Scotia Ministers of Fisheries and Aquaculture marine debris digital event (2021), marine debris panelist at the 2019 Fishermen and Scientists Research Society’s Annual Conference, panelist at the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq Oceans Symposium (2020) and at The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Gear Innovation Summit (2020)

Hey, Cis! Podcast: Season 3 Episode 3: Diversity in the Deep Blue Sea.(October 2022).

Blackout Podcast Episode 48 (2020). Conversation on sharks.

‘Stop Trashing It’ Speech, Halifax Social Network (2019, January).


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Alexa is a peer reviewer for: Marine Pollution Bulletin, Environmental Pollution and Marine Policy.

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