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What Clients Are Saying

“Alexa was a joy to work with! I hired her through my capacity at WWF-Canada where we worked with Alexa to create baseline consultation and interview materials that were reviewed and implemented with our partners at NunatuKavut Community Council, including a member Master’s student. The documents Alexa provided included an interview schedule and consent form for Traditional Ecological Knowledge collection related to ALDFG (past and present drivers, participatory mapping, etc.). The purpose of this piece of work was to identify the nature and extent of ALDFG in and around the Gilbert Bay MPA that may be contributing to the decline of Golden Cod. Alexa is extremely knowledgeable both in her understanding of the biological and ecological impacts of ALDFG and in partnering with various groups and individuals such as fish harvesters, Indigenous communities and organizations, ENGOs, and academics. Alexa helped us set out clear objectives which she met in a timely manner and on budget. I was incredibly pleased with her work ethic and deliverables and am looking forward to any future projects that would have us working together again!”
Chelsea Boaler, PhD Candidate (she/her)Senior Specialist, Restoration & Regeneration WWF-Canada
Chelsea Boaler, PhD Candidate (she/her)
For the past 3 years, I have had the luxury to work with Alexa in different capacities as a mentee, program participant, and a collaborator. Alexa is very
knowledgeable in the field of marine and project management, particularly with ghost fishing gear, and she has genuine interest in sharing her knowledge and
experience in helping fellow projects succeed. Alexa is thoughtful, supportive, collaborative, and enthusiastic, and through working with her in different capacities, I have always walked away feeling amazed at my learnings and achievements in a short period. She is also very organized and creative, and does not hesitate to seize unique opportunities to find new ways to engage and empower the marine communities to collectively grow this sector.

I highly recommend Alexa for any marine and project management positions.
Lisa ChenMarine Biologist, Conservationist, Educator, and Entrepreneur
Lisa Chen
I’ve had the delight of working with Alexa Goodman in their role as Project Coordinator at Coastal Action and through the Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada. They led the Collaborative Remediation of Abandoned, Lost and Discarded Fishing Gear in Southwest Nova Scotia project that worked with fishers to collect, prevent and study fishing-related marine debris. In this supervisory role, Alexa supported my career growth, mentored me as a technician in my first job and allowed me to grow my skills in science communication, partner relations and project management – all of which I am very grateful. Alexa is always thinking critically about the tasks on hand and demonstrates excellent social awareness at work. In my experience, Alexa has very strong leadership skills and consistently strives to improve projects, communications and workplace culture. Alexa is passionate about the local environment and the people that are a part of it, and this dedication shines through everything they do.

I’d highly recommend Alexa for work in project management, team leadership and communications.
Jessie McIntyreProject Coordinator at Coastal Action
Jessie McIntyre
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alexa Goodman in their role as Training Program Manager at MEOPAR since 2021. In that time, Alexa has developed, facilitated, and delivered three programs that I’ve been a part of, including our most recent collaboration on a Career Coaching Program. In all of our work together, I’ve found Alexa to be creative, collaborative, and enthusiastic about positive and engaging experiences for program participants. In addition, their exceptional skills in
communication, graphics, and program design have enhanced the experience for all participants, including presenters like me.

I highly recommend Alexa for work in program design, including the external communications and graphics elements of a program, and am grateful for the experience of working with Alexa over the past two years.
Robyn RoscoeLeader of research management and administration. Mentor to experienced and emerging managers and leaders.
Robyn Roscoe
Alexa Goodman approached me to collaborate with her on developing her Master’s thesis research work into a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal after she had completed it. I immediately enjoyed working with Alexa, as she was already a well-trained researcher, but had limited experience in publishing her work. Our combined experience and personalities worked like a charm resulting in Alexa’s research project on elucidating fisher knowledge on likely locations of ghost fishing gear in Southwest Nova Scotia being published in Coastal and Ocean Management. Shortly after this fruitful collaboration, I had the opportunity to work with colleagues at the Nova Scotia Community College to characterize marine debris on the seafloor in the Bay of Fundy. I immediately thought of Alexa as being the ideal researcher to work with us on this project based on her subject matter expertise and her positive attitude to embrace new challenges. Alexa reviewed hundreds of hours of underwater video footage to characterize and assess marine debris on the seafloor which resulted in another successful and high impact publication in Marine Pollution Bulletin which garnered lots of media coverage where Alexa was interviewed by national and regional Canadian news outlets in English and French. This also led to more collaboration where we worked together again on another collaborative project working to remove and characterize ghost fishing gear from the Bay of Fundy. This work involved collaboration with the federal government, fishers, fishing associations, academia and NGOs. Alexa navigated and coordinated these stakeholders like a true professional. Once again, this work was published and garnered extensive media coverage and we continue to collaborate on related research projects related to ghost gear removal and solutions. As a subject matter expert, I invited Alexa to speak to my graduate students and she didn’t hesitate to oblige and ended up talking to my students for a full 3 hours which included hands on workshop and peer teaching exercises which the students thoroughly enjoyed.
Tony R. Walker, BSc(Hons), MPhil, PhD (he/him)ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR School for Resource and Environmental Studies Dalhousie University
Tony R. Walker, BSc(Hons), MPhil, PhD (he/him)